OMEGA: The Ultimate Artist-Patron Relationship

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4 min readFeb 22, 2022


A Revolutionary NFT Project by Gabriel Dean Roberts

Artist Gabriel Dean Roberts

As a prolific and world-renowned multidisciplinary artist, Gabriel Dean Roberts is a powerhouse of the digital art world. Realizing his photographic “eye” through the method of video making, Roberts began his creative exploration after completing grad school. His decision to pursue photography professionally in 2017 birthed what we know of his practice today, a beautiful bouquet of floral-centered works, documentary film-making, and NFTs.

In Structurum Amoris by Gabriel Dean Roberts

Visually arresting, his timeless work now enters a new era with OMEGA, giving the owner access to ten years of his artistic production. Speaking about this groundbreaking endeavor, Roberts states “Above and beyond the imagery, Omega is a ten year piece of performance art. The influence and opportunities of an event like this have the potential to influence culture in unseen ways, and will certainly shape the art I create through this period.”

To first understand the scope of this epic undertaking, take an inside look at the project here:

OMEGA, considered to be the preeminent Market Cap NFT, is valued at 30,000 ETH, the highest valued NFT in history. Available via SuperRare, OMEGA is a total reinvention of the artist-patron relationship. The owner of this NFT will have access to and receive 120 original 1 of 1 works over the course of 10 years that can be kept or sold at their discretion. In purchasing Ω, the owner also agrees to sell it at a higher value than the last most expensive NFT sale, thus retaining its status as a “market cap” NFT.

“I believe in creating a spectacle that inspires awe, draws the viewer into a contemplative state and releases them from the burden of the predictable. This is why my photography bridges the worlds of the old masters with the new world of Web 3. In this transformational time, I and those who own my art will be named as the vanguard of this new creative renaissance, building social and physical wealth along the way. And those who audaciously collaborate with me on Ω will indeed take a prominent place in the history of art. ” — Gabriel Dean Roberts

Beyond receiving 10 years worth of artworks plus bonus monthly air dropped NFTs, OMEGA also entitles its owner to luxury perks and the chance to make a positive change in the world. For starters, the owner of Ω will receive a brand new Rolls Royce Ghost seen in the animation below, complete with custom detailing, features and surprises throughout.

Custom Rolls Royce Ghost, Featured in OMEGA

In addition, every year within this decade of partnership will feature a one-of-a-kind party along with a plot of virtual real estate in SuperWorld at the highly coveted Musee du Louvre plot on which the OMEGA artwork will be displayed. This location is the ideal place for such a high value artwork, but also for future artistic possibilities in augmented reality.

OMEGA in AR available on the SuperWorld App

Finally, this multifaceted artistic project culminates in two globally beneficial philanthropic opportunities. In keeping with Gabriel’s commitment to ending climate change and uplifting global public health initiatives, OMEGA will plant 1 million trees in the owner’s honor as well as a donation of 1 million dollars to Doctors Without Borders. These collective efforts ensure a brighter future for the planet and its inhabitants and pave the way for creativity to thrive.

Saint Gregory by Gabriel Dean Roberts

A culmination and continuation of Gabriel Dean Roberts’ oeuvre, Ω is like nothing seen before in the art world. Akin to the prolific and iconic artist-patron relationships of the past, OMEGA ushers in a new age of robust collaboration in the era of NFTs and digital art. Roberts’ commitment to providing the owner with a once in a lifetime experience goes above and beyond the status quo of NFT projects and delivers a comprehensive package of art, philanthropy, and entertainment for its owner.


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