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Making a Real World Difference Through the Metaverse

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3 min readMar 22, 2022

Less than a month ago, Russian forces invaded Ukraine in an unprovoked and sustained attack, displacing millions of people across the country and leaving tens of thousands more dead or wounded. Right now, there are humanitarian crises taking place all over the world, but the war in Ukraine has hit the SuperWorld team particularly (and literally) close to home.

Damage from a Russian missile strike in Kyiv

SuperWorld Co-Founder & CEO Hrish Lotlikar called Kyiv home for years, and with half a dozen Ukrainian employees and contractors working at SuperWorld, we’re seeing firsthand examples of the destruction and suffering brought about by the invasion.

“I have family and friends in Ukraine,” says Lotlikar. “And I firmly believe that we can make a difference through the power of AR and Web3 to disrupt the status quo and effect change in ways we’ve never seen before. My heart goes out to the people of Ukraine, and to anyone living under the yoke of oppression, which is why it’s so important to me — and to all of us at SuperWorld — that we use our resources in ways that not only help provide relief, but also serve as a catalyst for better communication and understanding between cultures, governments, and ideologies.”

We at SuperWorld stand with Ukraine through this crisis, and are actively taking steps to support the people of Ukraine in any way we can. From Augmented Reality (AR) activations in protest to the war to limited-edition NFTs programmed to have proceeds from their sale benefit Ukraine and her people, we’re working hard to build a better world in Ukraine, and beyond.

In that spirit, our talented AR and 3D modeling teams have made a number of assets available on the SuperWorld app that allow users to show their solidarity and support for Ukraine by geo-pinning these assets in AR at meaningful or personally significant locations around the world.

Showing support for Ukraine at the United Nations building in NYC

Secondly, now that SuperWorld has integrated with the Polygon network, and as a fitting inaugural NFT on the platform to reinforce our mission to build a better world, we’re offering a 3D animated asset in support of Ukraine, with proceeds from the NFT going to aid in the crisis.

Stand with Ukraine!

Finally, SuperCitizen extraordinaire TechMental has created (on the ethereum Network) “Daughterboard,” an astounding work dedicated to Ukrainian artist and animator Ulka Mak and her journey to freedom. Similarly, 100% of proceeds from these NFTs will also be donated to refief efforts in Ukraine. Daughterboard is available to purchase for 0.05 $ETH in the SuperWorld NFT Salon:

“Daughterboard” by Techmental

Every day, as more and more of Ukraine’s citizens are killed, made to suffer through tyranny, lose their homes and livelihoods, and to live in fear, we’d like to lead by example in showing how Metaverse and Web3 tech can help to make a profound difference in the real world, raise awareness and give a voice to oppressed people who others would have remain quiet.


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